Update: Website now using markdown

I just added markdown support to the blog admin panel. It was as simple as:

  • Downloading and adding the python module to my application directory (well, I technically created a directory third_party to hold all third party code).
  • Importing the module into my main app. I decided to take it one step further and create a custom jinja2 filter for this, which was also very simple:

  • Created a wrapper filter method (markdownfilter) that takes a single parameter and returns a result.

  • Registered this method as a filter on my jinja environment variable. Now using markdown in a jinja2 template is as easy as: {{content|markdown}}

This syntax passes content as the first parameter to my markdownfilter method and returns the resulting html. Awesome!

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I graduated from UCLA (Go Bruins!) with a degree in Political Science.

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Danny Reed